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Welcome to Literacy Design Collaborative! For those of you who are wondering what this is all about, we encourage you to read our materials in this website so that you will know more about the new learning strategy.


Over the past years, we have observed the decline of literacy rate especially among middle and high school students. Literacy is a core skill. It is the competence of our students to read and write. This is an important issue because literacy is oftentimes used as a key indicator of a nation’s level of education. In the United States, literacy will help address inequalities within our country. Many opportunities are available to those who are literate. That is why a decline in the literacy rate causes alarm because we want those opportunities to remain open to all. We want to alleviate inequalities caused by illiteracy. We want to be sure that the young people will have the literacy skills that they need to be able to thrive outside of their garage doors in Denver and halls of their schools.


Literacy Design Collaborative is specifically created for middle and high school students. Teaching and learning are dynamic processes. We have observed that past approaches have come up short of the expected literacy rate among our middle and high school students. This is alarming to say the least. But this is also a call to action especially for us in the academe. What can we do about it? As educators, we are asked to look at ourselves and evaluate how we teach.Sure we have our successes in the past but maybe our approach is no longer suitable for the present generation. Students nowadays are bombarded with a lot of information so it could be that the previous approach to teaching literacy is no longer as effective as it was before because we are competing with other matters.So again, we ask ourselves what adjustments can be done to resolve the issue of literacy? We think of different ways, we test them to see how the students will embrace the new approach to teaching, and then we evaluate the best approach that would work for the present generation of middle and high school students. That is how we came up with Literacy Design Collaborative. It has taken us months and years of preparation before we are finally ready to launch this initiative.


Literacy Design Collaborative is a new approach to integrating literacy in the teaching of core subjects of middle and high school levels. This approach recognizes the crucial role of teachers in the development of literacy skills of this specific school-age population. As a new learning approach, the creators of the Literacy Design Collaborative have come up with modules and courses to serve as a guide to other instructors on how to integrate literacy in the core subjects being taught among middle and high school students. The modules and courses are available in this website.