Importance of Education | literacydesigncollaborative


Most of us send our kids to school so that they would learn as part of their educational process. Education is much more than the ABCs and 123s. It is for our children to know more about life and the world around them. Education gives us knowledge of the world. Our children develop their values, views, and opinions about the things happening not only in their immediate vicinity but even in places in the other part of the world. As our kids gain more knowledge, it is our hope that they become a better version of themselves. That is why we build them up. We teach them about life. We teach them to be grounded. We encourage them to develop critical thinking and gain wisdom along the way. So that they would not only know things but also have their own perspective in life and use that knowledge to be successful as a person.

Most of us are products of the traditional way of teaching. We attend public or private schools and with the help of our teachers, we learn about different subjects from the most basic to the advanced. Of course, these efforts should be complemented at home as the parents and guardians are still the main teachers of their children. There are also other methods of educating the young. These methods are not school-based such as those who are homeschooling. There is no problem with that. The bottom line here is that the children, whether they are in traditional or non-traditional “classrooms”, are learning things that would equip them with the tools they need to succeed on their own.

It is important for our children to be educated so that they have control over their life. It would be a facilitating factor for them to reach their dreams. that is why we educate the young. we want them to be knowledgeable about the world and not be ignorant about things that matter.