How Do I know which spring to buy for My Garage Door?

Most of us believe that a garage door is a simple machine that goes up and down to fulfill our needs. After all, how hard it is to keep the garage door functional? It may seem simple enough, but it is surely not. A garage door will work efficiently by having the perfect combination of hardware and operating system including, rollers, springs, cables, and tracks which allow the heavyweight of the garage door to lift and lower effortlessly. If it stops functioning, you may surprise what is going wrong and how to make your garage door working again. Do you need to buy whole new equipment or you just need to think about the garage door extension spring conversion to get your garage door to function again. Quite often buying a new garage door can be avoided by replacing or converting the old extension spring with powerful torsion springs.

The garage door comes with two types of springs. One is called a torsion spring and the other is known as extension springs. Both springs are used to counterbalance the heavyweight of the garage door while operations, allowing you to lift the garage door easily that should be too heavy for an average person to lift by hand. Well, how can you determine which type of spring your garage door has? To evaluate it, you just need to look directly above the garage door. If the mounted springs stretch and contract during opening and closing operations of the garage door and placed above the horizontal tracks, it means they are extension springs. However, if your garage door has springs that are mounted on the metal bar, right above the opening of the garage door which will wind and unwind while opening and closing process of garage door, then you have installed torsion springs.

If you are in need of replacing the torsion springs on your garage door, you first need to determine how to buy the right part. Unluckily, all torsion springs are not the same in size and diameter. Buying a wring size of spring will give you no results but grief.

However, there are four main dimensions that will help you to evaluate how much weight the torsion or extension springs can lift. The first important point is the length of spring which can easily be measured. The next important point is the internal diameter of the required spring. It can also be easily measured with the regular tap measure. Next, you will have to measure the size of wires, which is necessary to calculate the exact winding force.

The entire process may make you confuse, this is why homeowners choose to hire an experienced garage door technician to deal with the garage door springs. You can find them fairly easily online through the Google search engine. Remember, replacing any type of spring can be a tricky and dangerous task because the springs are placed under extreme tension. If you don’t have the right knowledge and tools, serious injuries may happen.

Make sure that you have learned everything about how to do it and how to use the tricky tools in a very safe manner, before doing anything with garage door springs on your own. As you know, adjusting and replacing garage door springs can be a complicated job so calling an experienced and trained garage door expert is always a good idea.