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Welcome to Literacy Design Collaborative! For those of you who are wondering what this is all about, we encourage you to read our materials in this website so that you will know more about the new learning strategy.


Over the past years, we have observed the decline of literacy rate especially among middle and high school students. Literacy is a core skill. It is the competence of our students to read and write. This is an important issue because literacy is oftentimes used as a key indicator of a nation’s level of education. In the United States, literacy will help address inequalities within our country. Many opportunities are available to those who are literate. That is why a decline in the literacy rate causes alarm because we want those opportunities to remain open to all. We want to alleviate inequalities caused by illiteracy. We want to be sure that the young people will have the literacy skills that they need to be able to thrive outside of their garage doors in Denver and halls of their schools.


Literacy Design Collaborative is specifically created for middle and high school students. Teaching and learning are dynamic processes. We have observed that past approaches have come up short of the expected literacy rate among our middle and high school students. This is alarming to say the least. But this is also a call to action especially for us in the academe. What can we do about it? As educators, we are asked to look at ourselves and evaluate how we teach.Sure we have our successes in the past but maybe our approach is no longer suitable for the present generation. Students nowadays are bombarded with a lot of information so it could be that the previous approach to teaching literacy is no longer as effective as it was before because we are competing with other matters.So again, we ask ourselves what adjustments can be done to resolve the issue of literacy? We think of different ways, we test them to see how the students will embrace the new approach to teaching, and then we evaluate the best approach that would work for the present generation of middle and high school students. That is how we came up with Literacy Design Collaborative. It has taken us months and years of preparation before we are finally ready to launch this initiative.


Literacy Design Collaborative is a new approach to integrating literacy in the teaching of core subjects of middle and high school levels. This approach recognizes the crucial role of teachers in the development of literacy skills of this specific school-age population. As a new learning approach, the creators of the Literacy Design Collaborative have come up with modules and courses to serve as a guide to other instructors on how to integrate literacy in the core subjects being taught among middle and high school students. The modules and courses are available in this website.

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There are various barriers to the effective listening of students according to their own responsibility or fault. One of the most common barriers in effective listening is from the students’ environment and other forms of physical barriers. Noise, temperature, lack of proportional facilities and overpopulated number of students in a classroom all contribute to environmental barriers. Another factor that may affect effective listening is the psychological noise which is similar to cognitive barriers. This simply implies the current mood of a student or his/her emotional state of mind. It is about the thoughts racing in the minds of the students that prevent them from truly listening. There are also physiological barriers that affect listening. Students may suffer different body conditions that hinder them from giving proper attention and focus in listening such as physical illness, injury and stress. There are also barriers in effective listening of the students caused by the speaker. For example, the construction of the message of the speaker is poorly structured or too vague to understand. It is where distorted listening occurs. Students will be confused and it is difficult to understand what the speaker wants to convey. When these barriers are caused by the speaker, the students will resort to pseudo listening where they just pretend to listen but their thoughts are actually somewhere else. Another barrier for a student in listening is when students show bias to the speaker. This happens when they avoid being convinced and stick to their way of thinking despite what the speaker says. When the listener shows bias to a certain speaker, the listener applies aggressive listening where they criticize the speaker’s ideas, personality, and other characteristics. When this barrier happens, the listener will result to narcissistic listening where he/she tries to make the interaction about himself/herself. He/she interrupts the speaker or changes the topic to focus the conversation on himself/herself. Educators should be conscious about these barriers to effective listening so that they can adjust their teaching style accordingly.

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Most of us send our kids to school so that they would learn as part of their educational process. Education is much more than the ABCs and 123s. It is for our children to know more about life and the world around them. Education gives us knowledge of the world. Our children develop their values, views, and opinions about the things happening not only in their immediate vicinity but even in places in the other part of the world. As our kids gain more knowledge, it is our hope that they become a better version of themselves. That is why we build them up. We teach them about life. We teach them to be grounded. We encourage them to develop critical thinking and gain wisdom along the way. So that they would not only know things but also have their own perspective in life and use that knowledge to be successful as a person.

Most of us are products of the traditional way of teaching. We attend public or private schools and with the help of our teachers, we learn about different subjects from the most basic to the advanced. Of course, these efforts should be complemented at home as the parents and guardians are still the main teachers of their children. There are also other methods of educating the young. These methods are not school-based such as those who are homeschooling. There is no problem with that. The bottom line here is that the children, whether they are in traditional or non-traditional “classrooms”, are learning things that would equip them with the tools they need to succeed on their own.

It is important for our children to be educated so that they have control over their life. It would be a facilitating factor for them to reach their dreams. that is why we educate the young. we want them to be knowledgeable about the world and not be ignorant about things that matter.

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It is important that we teach our students how to listen. Effective listening happens when the students monitor their comprehension and make decisions about the strategy they use. Students need to evaluate continually what they are hearing, check the consistency with their predictions, and interpret the oral text or interaction according to their comprehension. Listening competence is a complex skill that needs to be developed consciously. It can best be developed with practice when listeners reflect on the process of listening without the threat of evaluation. Listeners need to activate appropriate background knowledge for understanding, to make predictions, and to prepare for listening. This significantly reduces the burden of comprehension for the listener. Listening, thus, is a second language.

This is a call for students, teachers, and school administrators to give importance to developing effective listening skills as it is very much connected to literacy.

By developing effective listening skills, the students themselves will benefit because it is necessary for them to learn to listen with understanding and to express their ideas clearly as speakers. This will also develop their communication skills as they have to listen effectively when they interact with other people to know the appropriate thing to say in the flow of the conversation. Ultimately, this will have a bearing in their learning and development as they will learn to comprehend and process effectively what they hear.

By knowing the barriers to effective listening, teachers will be guided on how to assist students in the development of effective listening skills. They would know the proper intervention process to take and adjust themselves and their approach to be able to make the students listen to and understand what they are teaching.

By knowing the barriers to effective listening, school administrators can implement changes in their policies, curriculum, and school surroundings to make it more convenient for students to understand what they are listening to.

Garage Door Installation Process for Manual and Automatic Garage Doors

Installing a garage door is difficult to project. Does not matter whether it is an automatic or manual garage door, installing a garage door can be a dangerous project. So, it is strongly recommended that get the services of professional garage door experts such as, San Antonio garage door installation to do the installation for you. These experts will tell you that the installation process for a manual garage door is simpler as compared to automatic garage doors. All the possibilities depend on your needs and preferences. If you want to install a heavy garage door, it will need a garage door opener for automatic functions and other accessories that will be necessary for enormous strength to lift the garage door. The lightweight garage doors can be operated manually.

Although automatic garage doors have existed for a long time now a lot of people still prefer manually operated garage doors. Aside from being easy to install, handle, and operate, you can easily service it. However, it limits your choices as you should pick a garage door created with lighter material. If you want to have a heavier garage door made of a solid block of wood and a double layer of steel, you will need to add an automatic operations kit. An automatic garage door is installed with a garage door opener, cables, and a motor. Definitely, if you choose a heavier garage door, then automatic operations are a must. Automatic garage doors are really convenient and hassle-free, this is why a lot of homeowners prefer them. However, automatic garage doors come with a certain set of potential dangers. These garage doors are hard to install and challenging to repair and maintain but you can easily switch the automatic garage door to the manual in the case of a power outage.

DIY garage door installation project poses several dangers that unskilled and untrained individuals will face very real regardless of whether it is the automatic or manually operated garage door. The project is more suited and recommended for those who have the right skills and proper understanding of how a garage door works and healthy respect for their potential dangers. It is true that garage door installation is the right job for professional garage door technicians. However, if you have decided to handle it on your own, maximum care and attention are required.

 garage door

Safety measurement for garage door installation work:

Automatic garage doors are equipped with motors, springs, and restraint cables to operate smoothly. With the passage of time, these springs weaken due to stress from the opening and closing of a garage door. If the springs break eventually, they can cause serious injuries and damages. If you need to replace the garage door springs, please call a professional garage door technician. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there are around 20,000 garage door-related accidents are reported each year. It is always recommended that take all the safety precautions if you are trying to install a garage door on your own. If you don’t have enough expertise and knowledge, please call a local garage door expert right now.





Garage Door Repair Techniques for Different Types of Garage Doors

If your garage door is in need of repairing services, the most important step is to evaluate what is a malfunction. The garage door problem varies depending on the type of material that is used in the construction of the garage door. Normally, garage doors are probably made out of wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or wood composite. Each type of garage door material comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages and by determining which one applies to your garage door, the repair task can go a lot easier. Are you interested in learning more about garage door material and services, visit the website here?

Garage door insulation features:

All garage doors are not insulated but there are many types of garage doors that come with different types of insulation. In case, the insulation is broken, you could be wasting energy which increases the utility bills and letting the outer sounds and other annoyances into your house. Proper insulation seals the garage door to keep outside elements away. If you are using your garage to store other stuff then everything could be at great risk due to poor or damaged insulation. Evaluate the type of insulation and nature of damages that you have before you get an estimation on the repair project.

Garage door panels:

A garage door repair project might need adjusting or replacing the panels of your garage door. These panels might become worn out due to harsh weather or any other incident (kick of bouncing ball against the garage door). Garage door panels could also get damaged due to the strong force of automobiles or frequent movements of the garage doors. Sometimes, the windows that are added to the panels can be damaged which need to be replaced. The cost of panel replacement depends on whether they are made of wood, steel, or aluminum. Each material has a different cost. If more than one panel is damaged badly, it is suggested to replace the entire garage door and use different material which suits the structure of your house.

Mounting brackets and other moving hardware:

These parts are relatively easy to fix and generally least costly to replace than other components. The mounting brackets are used to hold the metal tracks to the wall. Sometimes, garage door repair projects might be as simple as tightening the loose screws, bolts inside the mounting brackets. Garage door hinges are the parts that bend when the garage door runs along the metal tracks. Rollers are also placed into the tracks which roll to pull the garage door up and down. Remember that garage door rollers and hinges are hard to repair or replace on your own. It is highly suggested to hire a professional garage door expert to handle this task. Garage door springs are also used on the garage doors to counterbalance their weight during the opening and closing process. These springs hold a great amount of pressure due to which they are risky to handle. Torsion springs are dangerous to adjust and replace due to stored energy. It is strongly recommended that call a garage door expert for professional help.

Garage door tracks:

If you experienced that garage door tracks are creating issues, there is a good chance that you will have to fix or replace them. Dented tracks can fix straighten easily with the help of a large piece of wood and a rubber mallet. Badly damaged tracks should be replaced with new ones.

Simple garage door repair tasks:

On rare occasions, the garage door problems are as simple to fix as replacing the batteries of the garage door remote. Before you go spend too much time trying to find out what is went wrong with your garage door. Make sure that garage door remote batteries have enough power and the garage door opener is getting enough power supply.



Reasons of Garage Door Repair

The automatic garage door is really convenient when they function correctly. If you have ever used a garage door that is not powered by electricity, you can understand how difficult it can be to lift and lower a heavy garage door. All garage door components have a limited lifespan. Due to excessive wear and tear on the parts of the garage door, you should expect that you will have to repair them at some point. Best and professional garage door companies including Nando’s Garage Door Repair offer excellent and reliable services.

Why garage door repair is necessary: The garage is probably constructed at one side of your house, meaning it has a garage door that protects your car and gives you quick access to your house. You can lock the garage door every time when you come or leave the house. Once a criminal realizes that your garage door is not closing all the way, he will sneak into your garage and try to enter your home. You may not think about putting a strong lock but a determined thief needs few seconds to break your garage door and to get into the house. Think about what you have stored in your garage. You may have gardening tools, equipment, and other belongings to save space inside your house. For security purposes, you need to hire a professional garage door technician to identify what is wrong with the garage door.

What seems to be wrong? Heavy metal garage door tracks support the structure as it opens and closes. In case, the track fitting becomes loose, they can stop the garage door from going up and down. You can use a tall ladder to check the position of tracks because they may be clogged due to hardened grease. These hurdles can make the garage door misaligned. Garage doors have to be lubricated but you cannot use any greasy oil. Garage door experts use lithium grease which is known as “aerosol” but it will cause stains on the floor of the garage. Excessive grease can attract dirt which will clog the tracks.

In case, garage door sensors are not aligned properly, the garage door will not be close completely. You should check the sensors. If one of them is blinking then something is wrong with it. You should check the alignment and wiring of the sensors. The line of sight of sensors should not be blocked.  Once the sensors are aligned and the blockage is removed, then the functionality of sensors is resumed.

Need for professional garage door services: Once you realize that your garage door is not working properly, you need to call a professional garage door expert. When the professionals come out to your house, they will ask you to describe everything about what is happening. They will be able to determine the cause and provide the necessary solution for you.  Overall, it is always best to leave these tasks to professionals.







Use These Handy Tips for a Garage Door Repair

From times immemorial till now, individuals have had bulky vehicles and scooters and they always needed a secure place to park their vehicle which is quite large but not a part of their house, so the concept of garages has been created.

Garages are quite famous nowadays, some are small but others are really spacious which people used to store their tools, equipment, and other belongings which are not used frequently. Garage doors are installed to make the garages accessible and protected. These garage doors are generally constructed with steel, strong wood, glass, and fiberglass so that the wind or rain cannot cause damages to them. You can install a single or double garage door depending on your needs, budget, and available space.  To know more about garage doors, please visit the website Let’s have a look at different materials that are used in the manufacturing of garage doors. Common materials used for the construction of garage door are:

  • Aluminum: These garage doors are cheap in price and need fewer maintenance services. But they are likely to get damaged quickly.
  • Vinyl garage doors: These garage doors are made from component material. These garage doors are expensive than aluminum ones.
  • Steel garage door: These garage doors are strong, durable, and available in a number of sizes and textures. Metal garage doors are safe, sturdy, and economical and offer additional benefits of insulation.
  • Wooden garage door: These garage doors offer a beautiful, attractive, and visually appealing home but need a high level of maintenance. It is an expensive option that puts a burden on your pocket.

After understanding the types of garage door materials, you are in a better position to learn the procedures of garage door repair. Small garage door problems can easily be fixed on your own but problems related to garage door springs are not easy to handle. Garage door spring replacement can be a risky and dangerous task so it is always best to leave it to the professionals. There are several benefits of having expert garage door services.

Since garage door experts are well educated and trained, they are capable of handling any complex problem. They can identify the cause of problems, offer you solutions on spot and replace faulty parts. DIY garage door repair needs particular tools which could be costly to buy and not easily available to the customers but available for technicians. Garage door experts are well aware of all the potential risks associated with garage door repair, so it is strongly suggested to be safe and hire professional services designed for it.

There is nothing wrong to say that even garage door repair looks straightforward but it is best to hire a garage door technician because the garage door is heavy and weighted equipment which makes your work harder. These technicians will give a new life to your garage door.



Preparations for Garage Door Repair

The objectives of garages are no longer limited to simple car parking or storage of unused stuff. Nowadays, garages are an essential addition to the residential building which will serve multiple objectives. Due to increased value, garages are now needed more attention and maintenance. One of the most common aspects is the installation, repair, and maintenance of garage doors. It is particularly true because garages are prone to damages. You cannot afford the garage door to remain broken. Garage door repair is an essential procedure so there are some beneficial steps that need to be followed. Here you will learn more techniques to prepare yourself before engaging in the repair.


Awareness of garage door mechanism: A garage door repair project cannot be performed if you do not fully understand the mechanism of the garage door. This is why; the first important step in the preparation for the garage door repair is to learn the fundamentals of garage door parts. You must fully understand different parts of the garage door which can be classified as either moving or non-moving garage door parts. In broad terms, garage door parts can be divided into two major sections, the opener and the garage door itself. You should be familiar with the operating mechanism of the garage door which is involved with the rolling system of rollers that run on metal tracks with the support of heavy torsion springs. A proper understanding of garage door mechanisms is necessary for conducting any garage door repair project.

Examining the metal tracks of garage door:

After learning the fundamental concepts of the garage door, the next action is to visually inspect the garage door. To start the project, you should check the condition of the metal tracks on which garage door rolls. One important aspect is to check the physical condition of mounting brackets. If you found loose mounting brackets, then they should be tightened to make them secure in place. The tracks also examined to find out malformation, bumps, and dents. In addition to this, you need to determine that garage door tracks should be aligned properly. You should also look for the grease, dirt, and debris which may cause the obstruction on tracks. In the end, garage door tracks should be lubricated using any high-quality silicon spray. If the garage door is creating loud sounds then there is a clear indication that these tracks need to be cleaned and lubricated.

Examine the hardware of the garage door:

Once the physical condition of the metal tracks has been observed, it is time to check the other operating parts of the garage door. Here you need to pay special attention to garage door hinges and springs. You need to check that these highly tensed garage door parts are properly adjusted. In case, any side of the garage door is sagging, then there is a clear sign that hinges or springs are loose.

If you have loose or broken garage door springs, your garage door will not open or close completely. Enlarged screw holes showed that the blots are not tightened properly to their respective places. The problem can be fixed by replacing the old screws with a new one. It is always recommended that hire a professional garage door technician to fix the garage door problems.




Tension Springs and Flip-Up Garage Doors

Are you one of those who take their homes for granted? Most of us do because it is very convenient to do. You can easily take things like kitchen accessories, hot water, and great plumbing for granted until they stop working. Afterward, you can try to find out how to fix the problems or consult an experienced technician. One thing that most of us take for granted around our homes is the garage door. You never think about it before, how much functions garage door does for you. You may simply open and close it multiple times as required, and could only think about the garage door when it suddenly stops working. After all, the garage door is easy to maintain and when it breaks then it can be costly to fix. Click here to learn more benefits of the well-maintained garage door.

Many garage doors can be repaired inexpensively by you as long as you have the right tools and a bit of patience. The first and common thing that goes wrong is torsion spring. These springs are the operating mechanism that makes you able to lift the heavy garage door using a slight bit of force. They can do a lot of work for you by recoiling to pull the garage door up. This is why, if you have installed an electric garage door opener, it does not need too much horsepower because it does not take much force to lift, thanks to the strong springs.

Old styled flip-up garage doors also installed with springs. If you don’t have springs, you will experience that it takes a huge amount of force and strength to open and close the garage door which can be a dangerous task. When you are handling flip-up garage doors, which are also known as one-piece garage doors, you need to have torsion springs to counterbalance their weight properly. Once you have installed the springs system, you can lift the garage door easily even by one hand.

Some people believe that if you have one piece garage door, you don’t need to install a garage door opener. Well, it is not true. A garage door opener works with a torsion springs system to lift and lower the garage door for you. Broken garage door torsion springs can be a bit difficult and dangerous task as you will have to install the springs properly in order to get the garage door working smoothly. Here is one good rule of thumb. If you are able to lift the garage door easily, it means that you have installed the garage door correctly. If they can’t, they are likely not hooked properly and may need the help of a professional to get the torsion springs adjusted properly.

Installing a flip-up garage door is a perfect choice, especially if you are trying to make your home curb appealing. Just remember that the torsion springs need to be adjusted properly in order to make your garage door functional. It is always best to trust a qualified garage door technician to install and adjust the garage door springs.




Garage Door Spring Repair – Why You Need a Professional Technician

Before you decide to repair garage door springs on your own, you should be aware of few important factors. These springs are under extreme pressure which can be dangerous to release. If they snap suddenly, there is a possibility that they can cause serious injuries, damages, and even causalities.

The best thing to do the garage door spring repair service, especially if you are not experienced and trained in this type of project, is to call a professional garage door technician. They are specially qualified, trained, and have the required equipment to repair or replace the broken springs.

These springs are found on both sides of a garage door. Even if you are only having troubles with one, replacing both of them is recommended. If one spring breaks, the other will likely follow it shortly. These springs are normally usable for approximately 10,000 operating cycles before they need to be replaced. Some springs are tension while others are an extension. The spring which is required for replacement is not going to be easy to find for an ordinary person who is not in the business of garage door. It is another common problem due to which an ordinary person will not attempt garage door springs replacement. If you are lucky enough and finds the right device, you will likely pay far more for it because the manufacturers are not allowed to sell these dangerous parts to the end consumer. They are strictly advised to sell them to authorized dealers in order to avoid potential problems.

Well, if you are determined to find out the right spring and conduct the replacement job on your own, you will probably be in for an extensive search. Finding the right type and size of spring is not an easy job. The measurement of the new springs must be exact to the old springs as there are several types of springs within each category available in a market.

The size of the wire, the length of the springs, and the inside diameter will be included in the required measurement of springs. There may be two springs mounted on each side of the garage door. This is why; the measurements for the springs cannot be off even by a little because each spring has a specific capacity according to the weight of the garage door on which it is installed.

Furthermore, when you conduct garage door springs replacement yourself, and something is not installed properly or the garage door does not function properly afterward, you should start all the process again. It can be quite difficult, hectic, and costly. When you seek a technician to perform a garage door spring replacement job, the work should be guaranteed. It is one of the important things that you will want to make sure of before choosing a garage door spring expert. The parts they use and the services they provided are guaranteed as well. It means that if something happened in few days and your garage door is not functioning well, they will come back to fix the issues without charging you. Therefore, the cost that is incurred during garage door spring replacement is probably going to be less if hire a company that specialized in this field.


Garage Door Repair is a Job for the Professionals

From malfunctioning garage door opener to broken torsion springs, when your overhead garage door is not functioning properly, it can be a big annoying situation. This is why; you need to call a professional garage door repair contractor such as Cleveland garage door spring repair service to restore the performance of your garage door. Experienced and specialized in garage door springs repair, installation, and replacement services, they offer valuable services. These experts can help you to resolve any problems related to garage door springs to get back your garage door in perfect working order again.

Although garage door spring repair tasks may look straightforward it can be complicated and can give you several injuries and property damages. It should always be left to the professional garage door services provider because it can be an extremely dangerous task. But if you have decided to handle it on your own, adopt all the personal safety measurements. In case, you are not confident enough and not familiar with the structure of the garage door, then don’t handle this task on your own. A professional garage door technician has the right experience, qualification, knowledge, and training to efficiently diagnose the problems of garage door and offer you their solutions. Professional solutions are safe and affordable so there is no reason not to call certified technicians.

A certified and professional garage door contractor should be able to solve the following mentioned problems:

  • Garage door torsion or extension spring replacement
  • Garage door panels and tracks replacement
  • Garage door windows replacement
  • Tracks alignment
  • Cable, hinges, and rollers replacement
  • Garage door opener repair or replacement
  • Garage door replacement and many more

Garage door spring replacement:

The specialized garage door repair service is the key to efficiently replacing the broken garage door springs. These springs are the huge metal devices that are used to support the automatic and manual garage door in the raising and lowering operations.

These strong parts are installed to counterbalance the massive weight of the garage door. It is a standard rule of practice that springs will get general wear and tear. A routine maintenance task should be done to prolong the life of springs. They will need to be replaced approximately every five to seven years depending on the frequency of use.

Garage door spring repair and replacement can be dangerous. The massive weight of your garage door puts tension on springs which is potentially hazardous to handle to the amateur handyman. To protect your property and save your life, you need to call professional contractors to handle the spring replacement. These experts have the right knowledge, skills, experience, and specialized tools to safely handle the problems and tackle the challenges of both torsion and extension springs. Don’t risk hurting yourself with DIY work; call the professional garage door contractor for safe and affordable services today.



How Do I know which spring to buy for My Garage Door?

Most of us believe that a garage door is a simple machine that goes up and down to fulfill our needs. After all, how hard it is to keep the garage door functional? It may seem simple enough, but it is surely not. A garage door will work efficiently by having the perfect combination of hardware and operating system including, rollers, springs, cables, and tracks which allow the heavyweight of the garage door to lift and lower effortlessly. If it stops functioning, you may surprise what is going wrong and how to make your garage door working again. Do you need to buy whole new equipment or you just need to think about the garage door extension spring conversion to get your garage door to function again. Quite often buying a new garage door can be avoided by replacing or converting the old extension spring with powerful torsion springs.

The garage door comes with two types of springs. One is called a torsion spring and the other is known as extension springs. Both springs are used to counterbalance the heavyweight of the garage door while operations, allowing you to lift the garage door easily that should be too heavy for an average person to lift by hand. Well, how can you determine which type of spring your garage door has? To evaluate it, you just need to look directly above the garage door. If the mounted springs stretch and contract during opening and closing operations of the garage door and placed above the horizontal tracks, it means they are extension springs. However, if your garage door has springs that are mounted on the metal bar, right above the opening of the garage door which will wind and unwind while opening and closing process of garage door, then you have installed torsion springs.

If you are in need of replacing the torsion springs on your garage door, you first need to determine how to buy the right part. Unluckily, all torsion springs are not the same in size and diameter. Buying a wring size of spring will give you no results but grief.

However, there are four main dimensions that will help you to evaluate how much weight the torsion or extension springs can lift. The first important point is the length of spring which can easily be measured. The next important point is the internal diameter of the required spring. It can also be easily measured with the regular tap measure. Next, you will have to measure the size of wires, which is necessary to calculate the exact winding force.

The entire process may make you confuse, this is why homeowners choose to hire an experienced garage door technician to deal with the garage door springs. You can find them fairly easily online through the Google search engine. Remember, replacing any type of spring can be a tricky and dangerous task because the springs are placed under extreme tension. If you don’t have the right knowledge and tools, serious injuries may happen.

Make sure that you have learned everything about how to do it and how to use the tricky tools in a very safe manner, before doing anything with garage door springs on your own. As you know, adjusting and replacing garage door springs can be a complicated job so calling an experienced and trained garage door expert is always a good idea.




Hiring a Professional for Garage Door Repair

The automatic garage door is created to make your life easier. With the convenience of an automatic garage door, you don’t need to get out of your car to manually operate the heavy garage door. A single click of the remote will work to pull up the garage door.


Since it is mechanical equipment, problems can happen. Knowing what to do when your garage door become malfunctioned will help you to fix the problems promptly, you can enjoy the comfort of an automatic garage door once again. The following are the common garage door problems encountered in the garage door. I will explain how to determine when you need to call a professional garage door services like, San Francisco garage door repair to help you.

Broken garage door springs: Automatic garage door have strong and high-tension garage door torsion springs which help it in the opening and closing process. These springs are ideal for 5 to 7 years deepening their usage and quality of the material. With the passage of time, they become weaken and even break out.  It is strongly suggested that hire a professional garage door expert to deal with broken torsion spring.

Damaged garage door panels: Garage doors are created with dozen panels which will suffer wear and tear with the passage of time. If not maintained, they can develop cracks and wraps which need replacement.

Malfunctioning garage door opener: These problems are extremely common and can be fixed easily. If clicking your remote fails to open the garage door, try to the wall-mounted pad. If it works, change the batteries of the remote. If it fails to fix the issue, buy a new garage door remote. It is also possible that your remote is sending different frequencies than the receiver. If you don’t know how to test the frequency, it is good to call a professional.

Broken garage door cables: If you inspect the garage door thoroughly, you will find a series of cables and pulleys. The automatic garage door will not operate without those pieces. When cables broke, they can slip off the pulleys due to twisting, tension, and improper installation. They are dangerous to handle on your own. It is better served by a professional technician.

Bent or Twisted tracks: There are multiple tracks spreading from left to right side of your garage door. They should be aligned for smooth operations. If they become twisted, misaligned, or sustain damages, the entire mechanism will be at great risk. Therefore, this problem should be treated as soon as possible.

When to Hire a garage door repair professional: It is always recommended to call a certified and trained garage door expert to handle the garage door problems. They have the expertise to work with an automatic garage door system and know how to resolve the problems safely and quickly. Furthermore, a professional garage door technician will know how to manage a heavy garage door, adjust the mechanical system, and balanced the construction without hurting anyone. On the opposite side, homeowners are not familiar with the complex system of the garage door when it comes to attempting garage door repair on their own. If you are facing such problems, it is the right time to call a professional garage door expert. The sooner you do, the sooner you will be able to enjoy the convenience of an automatic garage door once again.