Listening to literature | literacydesigncollaborative


It is important that we teach our students how to listen. Effective listening happens when the students monitor their comprehension and make decisions about the strategy they use. Students need to evaluate continually what they are hearing, check the consistency with their predictions, and interpret the oral text or interaction according to their comprehension. Listening competence is a complex skill that needs to be developed consciously. It can best be developed with practice when listeners reflect on the process of listening without the threat of evaluation. Listeners need to activate appropriate background knowledge for understanding, to make predictions, and to prepare for listening. This significantly reduces the burden of comprehension for the listener. Listening, thus, is a second language.

This is a call for students, teachers, and school administrators to give importance to developing effective listening skills as it is very much connected to literacy.

By developing effective listening skills, the students themselves will benefit because it is necessary for them to learn to listen with understanding and to express their ideas clearly as speakers. This will also develop their communication skills as they have to listen effectively when they interact with other people to know the appropriate thing to say in the flow of the conversation. Ultimately, this will have a bearing in their learning and development as they will learn to comprehend and process effectively what they hear.

By knowing the barriers to effective listening, teachers will be guided on how to assist students in the development of effective listening skills. They would know the proper intervention process to take and adjust themselves and their approach to be able to make the students listen to and understand what they are teaching.

By knowing the barriers to effective listening, school administrators can implement changes in their policies, curriculum, and school surroundings to make it more convenient for students to understand what they are listening to.