Avoid Garage Door Repair by Maintenance Services

You know that if you don’t maintain your car regularly, you will end up paying huge repairing bills to replace the major engine or parts of your car. The same rule applies to the garage door repair and maintenance routines. A standard garage door is 7 feet high that runs on metal tracks that are placed along the walls. You could be in huge trouble and inconveniences if your garage door is not functioning correctly. Putting off the routine maintenance services now can lead to costly garage door repair services by garage door repair companies in Tyrone, Georgia later on.

Garage Doors

It is not just a matter of money to be considered for a garage door repair project. Some garage door parts are under a high amount of tension and pressure. In case, your garage door becomes malfunctions, it could destroy your belongings, damage your car, and leave your house open to strangers. If the operating mechanism and hardware of the garage door are not working properly, it greatly increases the chances of malfunctioning.

  • Perform tests suggested by National Safety Council:

There are some tests that are recommended by the “National Safety Council” to ensure your garage door is working correctly. In case, something goes wrong or shows malfunction, you should hire a professional garage door contractor to perform the required repair, adjustment, and maintenance work.

  • Test the balance of the garage door:

If you have an automatic garage door with an electric opener, disconnect it when the garage door is at the down position so that you can operate it by hand. Lift the garage door from its closed position. If you don’t face any issue while moving it and the garage door stay open at the marked position at least three to four feet above the ground. In case, it does not, then you need to readjust or realign the balance of the garage door.

  • Reversal tests of garage door:

You should perform this test once you have ensured that your garage door is aligned correctly. Keep your garage door open and put a roll of soft tissues at the bottom of the garage door. Then try to close the garage door. It should stop and reverse once it hits the object. If it does not, garage door sensors and reversal mechanisms need to be fixed or replaced.

  • Regular inspection of garage door:

At least once a month, you should inspect all the hardware of your garage door including, cables, springs, rollers, pulleys, and panels to find out the signs of damages and rust. If you experience any serious issue, consult a professional garage door company to visit your place and take a look. Don’t try to handle the garage door springs on your own because they are under a high amount of tension that can hurt you.

You should lubricate all the moving components and hardware of the garage door except the plastic idler bearings. Lubrication will help you to reduce depreciation and friction. Professional suggested that you should do it on monthly basis. You can follow the user’s manual to check the recommendation provided by the manufacturer. With regular garage door maintenance services, you can ensure that your garage door is working correctly. The cost of ignoring maintenance services could be far more than you are willing to pay for your garage door.